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April 11, 2023Blogs

What is your Purpose?

Are you ready to discover it? Have you decided what your purpose is? My mentor always said you don’t decide it, you discover it. Everything in nature is always expanding or evolving towards fulfillment. Whether it be a bee,...

March 24, 2023Blogs

Do you have the RIGHT goal?

Are you aiming too LOW? I talk about goals a lot, because I understand what goals are for. Most would say we set goals to earn more money, to reach the next level in our job-to get ahead in life. BUT… that is not why we set...

February 13, 2023Blogs

Does Procrastination STALL your Life?

End the waiting game today What is something that delays your success? It stops countless people from enjoying a rich and abundant life because they stall or postpone acting on their priorities. You guessed it, I’m talking about...

February 6, 2023Blogs

Is there such a thing as a Perfect Goal?

Your goal needs 3 essential components To be a perfect goal, it should be directed toward something more significant than a short-term wish or desire. It must be connected to your purpose and vision. These three pieces-your purpose,...

November 16, 2022Blogs

7 Tips for Tackling Your Fears

How to Win the Battle Once and For All! Change is unavoidable. Nothing stays the same… and there’s nothing we can do about it. But most people are afraid of change. If we are going to do anything new-if we’re going to...

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