Why I Started Boundless Potential Coaching

Lisa Dy, CPA, MBA

My story is like many others. I graduated from college and started working a corporate job in my field. My accounting career served me well for many years. It provided for me and my family and I grew so much as a professional. But over the years, a persistent voice would speak to me. I would change jobs, try different industries, start a side gig. But eventually I had to have a talk with myself.

And after reflecting, I knew that the work I had done for 25 years wasn’t fulfilling. I knew I wanted to help people like me who felt stuck.

I realized I was stuck in my comfort zone for so many years. I had been doing what I thought I was “supposed” to do, the “right” steps to follow in life to be successful and happy. I had been playing small nearly all my life. I wanted to grow and really LIVE a full life.

I took a few steps out of my comfort zone. I really opened my mind to the possibilities for me. It was a little scary, but I grew in so many incredible, unexpected ways. I knew I had to share what I learned with others like me, so they could feel the joy and fulfillment of reaching their boundless potential. I knew that helping others get unstuck was my life’s calling.


Our Core Values

Unleash and inspire all to reach their full potential.


Impression of Increase

Everyday, and in every way, it’s our goal to leave everyone better than before they met us. Be genuine in our kindness and share our good with everyone.



We have a thankful heart for all our blessings, big and small. Gratitude cures all that ails us; all pain and troubles diminish. Start our day with gratitude; set up the day for good.




This is the magic word! Attitude is the foundation of either failure or success. We choose to be positive, and we focus on the good only.



Infinite Potential

We believe that all people are created equal, and there is no limit to what they can do. Any limitation a person may feel is self-imposed, and it’s our duty to help people to overcome those limiting beliefs.



We believe that when we give, it’s to grow, not to get. Our purpose is to help others find their ultimate joy and realize their full potential.



"I was in awe at how fast and how well Lisa's public speaking became in network groups we shared. I asked what she had done to improve so quickly. She told me she joined a local toastmasters group. She asked me if I wanted to check out a meeting and I instantly said yes. The group and meeting were awesome so I joined. I am incredibly lucky to have Lisa as my mentor. She has such great feedback and ideas. Now my speeches and public speaking at network meetings are improving greatly along with my confidence level. If you want to level up in your life and career I highly suggest you meet with Lisa to help you get there. I promise you won't be disappointed!!"


Video Testimonials

Webinar Testimonials:

“Great information and presentation.”

K. Jones


“Great Reminder how powerful we can be with the right mindset."

A. Lake

“I thoroughly enjoyed this session! The exercises were great. I would like to do this again and even for a longer period of time if possible.”

K. Washington

"Course provided great general reminders of how to implement change in our lives."

C. Shaw

"Excellent presentation and material. We need more classes from Lisa."

S. Sandring

"Exceptional presenter."

M. Garcia

"This was a great presentation - very helpful and quite enjoyable - thank you!"

J. Lambert

"There was so much good information in this course, it could be extended to 90 minutes and still hold the audience's interest easily."

B. Powell

"Wish that it was longer. It was over before I knew it."

J. Moore

"This was a wonderful, self-discovery webinar. Ms. Dy is very knowledgeable which comes through as enthusiasm. As we participated during the session, I found it very easy to stay focused, so much so that I wish it went longer."

N. Velazquez

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