Finally eliminate mindset hang-ups to accomplish the goals you really want.

June 24-28, 12:00-1:00 PM EST (daily)

What you will learn:

Day One

Rewire Your Mindset with Confidence

◘ Uncover the 4 most common mindset roadblocks
◘ Create the mindset shifts you need
Learn how to make change confidently

Day Two

Master Your Thoughts and Demystify Limitations

◘ Dive into the power of thought patterns
◘ Discover why limitations exist
Demolish perceived limitations you have

Day Three

Dream Big, Achieve Bigger: Navigating Path to BIG Goals

◘ Understanding why we have goals
◘ How you can aim high without fear and overwhelm
Craft the vision of what you really want

Day Four

Crush Obstacles to Goal Achievement

◘ Identify personal obstacles that have held you back
◘ Advance your progress through routine practices
Develop a resilience mindset to stay on track

Day Five

From Inspiration to Action Client Success Stories

◘ Be inspired by Stories of Achievement
◘ Brief summary and Q&A session
Exclusive Attendee Bonuses

Attendee Testimonials

"Lisa is a very good presenter. She has the ability to get you enthused and get going with breaking bad and annoying habits." ~Peter

"I absolutely loved this session! So much good information as well as reminders, about how we can grow and gain our full individual potential by stepping outside our comfort zone. This was quite inspiring. I've just joined Lisa's Facebook group as well! Lisa is now one of my favorite presenters; I hope she does more presentations in the future!" ~Diana

"Lisa kept this session interesting. The subject matter became important and alive." ~Juliette

"Thank you Lisa for the techniques and encouragement your program offered to me today." ~Richard

"Lisa is very inspiring. The details of her own life experience made me feel more competent to pursue self-employment." ~Rosemarie 

"I really enjoyed this course. It was eye opening and brought greater awareness to my behavioral patterns. Lisa broke down the steps that it takes to change our behaviors and get us on the path to achieving what we want as opposed to accepting what we get due to negative habits of thought." ~Jozanne

"I liked the interactive feature with participants. It was good to hear that I'm "not alone" in having larger goals in life and "not alone" in the things that hold me back from trying to achieve those goals." ~Karen

"Great course and crisp content to have a great impact." ~Sriraam


"Life is a series of choices. Every decision we make has the power to shape our future and transform our path."
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