Rise Above the Chatter

The Chatter of the Masses


Here is a wise thought:

Small minds talk about people.
Average minds talk about events.
Great minds talk about ideas.

I have come to believe this is truly accurate. I suppose we all fall into the first two categories; talking about people and events periodically. However, have you ever noticed that those two categories dominate the conversation of most people? Listen carefully and you will hear a buzz of meaningless noise going on around you almost constantly.

It would almost appear as if people were under some obligation to talk whether they had anything to say or not. I call this the “chatter of the masses.”

If you are not mentally on guard without noticing it happen, you will be swept into this useless waste of time and energy.

If you don’t consciously and deliberately create order in your mind, your environment or the people surrounding you will dictate your mental state of being.

Observe those who are surrounding you on any given occasion. Their conversation and actions could very easily change completely four or five times in less than a minute.

If you think I am exaggerating, check this out for yourself or possibly get involved with a few people in conversation and deliberately change the topic as often as possible over four or five times a minute. If you don’t tell them what you are doing, they will never notice but they will willingly follow.

What does this mean? Well, your mind is the greatest power in the universe. If you’re not diligent you will waste it and go nowhere. Consciously choose to associate with those great souls who discuss BIG Ideas. Your life will never be the same.

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