Giving is Receiving

Life is too short not to follow your dreams


Whether giving is buying gifts or donating time, money, or physical items to those in need, it’s a fantastic thing to do.

So today, I want to suggest that you decide to give year-round. It will change your life in beautiful ways you might not ever expect.

Don’t let the idea of giving year-round make you uncomfortable, afraid you will give more than you can afford because, by universal law, the more you give, the more you will receive.

The universe wants us to have an abundant life, and it will support us in making this a reality. However, it cannot and will not do it alone. We must do our part. And we do that by giving to others.

The result of year-round giving is not burnout or bankruptcy. It’s a joyful, healthy, and abundant life.

The cycle of giving and receiving is one of the most powerful principles of all time.

We are designed to live in harmony with nature. A great example that comes to mind is we breathe the oxygen that trees and plants made for us, and then we breathe back the carbon dioxide that the plant kingdom needs.

This sacred reciprocity isn’t a transactional or score-keeping concept where I help you, and then you help me. It’s more like a circular flow. Like inhaling and exhaling the breath, you must do both, or you’ll die very quickly.

It’s This Simple

The Law of Giving says the more you give of yourself without expecting a return, the more that will come back to you.

That’s because we live in an ocean of motion—nothing stands still. There’s a constant flow of energy in our universe, and this energy flows to and through us.

And here’s the thing…

The flow of money, relationships, and opportunities in our lives mirror our flow of energy interacting with the universal energy field around us. Because our thoughts and actions are in constant and dynamic exchange with the creative forces of the universe.

For example, prayer and expressing appreciation are forms of giving because they direct energy outward. And, like the ebb and tide of the ocean, what goes out always comes back. So, if a thought intends to create health, wellbeing, or joy for the receiver, that’s what returns to the giver. And when you give without conditions and from your heart, the return is always directly proportional to what you give.

You and I are bundles of consciousness (energy) connected with each other and every other bundle of consciousness. Any movement or thought has a ripple effect that touches everyone and everything.

That’s why a thought, which is a concentrated electrical impulse, has the power to transform what it remains focused on. This transformation includes transforming formless energy into matter by attracting the right people, situations, and resources in response to our desires.

Many Ways to Give

There are countless ways you can give to add value to people’s lives. You can:

  • Send thoughts of kindness, compassion, and goodwill to people who need it
  • Give money or gifts
  • Smile at everyone you see
  • Give away things you no longer need
  • Offer a free service to provide for others
  • Volunteer your time for those in need
  • Give away one of your gifts or talents, such as painting or singing, and make someone’s day
  • Provide a meal or cup of coffee to a friend or stranger

Each of those things will bring rewards to you and the recipients of your kindness.

Let’s Dance

Life is like a dance that has been choreographed by universal laws.

To dance well, we must hear the music and respond to its natural ebbs and flows, like the cycles of nature. We activate our flow by giving what we wish to receive.

So, if you want joy, give joy to others.

If you want love, give love.

If you long for attention, be attentive to others.

If you seek wealth, seek to help others become wealthy.

By directing your thoughts appropriately, you can initiate the exchange of energy that brings what you want in any area of your life. And you will start to experience beautiful synchronicities as you point your thoughts, actions, and money in the direction of your desires.

And, as you give, you will see the flow return to you, and your faith in this natural, lawful process will grow exponentially.

Cause And Effect

Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

That statement is the essence of the Law of Cause and Effect, which reveals that every effect (result, symptom, etc.) must have a cause, and in turn, that cause must have an effect. Thus, we have a perpetual, never-ending cycle of cause and effect.

Understanding the Law of Cause and Effect will help you get a firmer grasp on why and how giving activates a corresponding and proportional energy to cycle back to you.

Give Wherever You Go

Any day is a perfect time to start developing a new mindset that gives generously of yourself and consistently makes others feel better.

Give others kindness, compassion, a loving thought—or anything else you want in your life.

As you practice giving away small things, you will attract the confidence to share even more. And the universe will respond favorably.

Try it. I promise you’ll be glad that you did.

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